June 7, 2022

Introducing The Future Series

Hypnosis is great for feeling better in the moment, but another cool way to use it is to play with time. For example, sending love to a moment in the past, or dialoging with your future.

In the Future Series, we're going to dialog with our future self in a way that is going to enrich the past, present, and future.

Stepping Out of Time

Close your eyes, and tune into your internal perception of yourself. There are the day-to-day things that you notice about yourself and there are the moment-to-moment things that you notice, like how you're feeling, what you're paying attention to, and what you're going to do next, etc.

But as you begin to turn your focus inward, all that stuff fades away, and you begin to sense this energy, this heartbeat, this pulse of life, which is inherently you. The you-ness that exists separately from the way that you present to the world, and it exists separately from your conditioning.

Just feel what that feels like now. This is your essence. Your core. Your light that shines through the specificities of your circumstances, perspective and experience. Feel resonance of that you-ness as you step out of time and feel yourself existing at a single point throughout all times.

And we're going to be working with that more in days to come.

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