Hi, I'm Marian! Welcome to my online home space.

I'm a geriatric millennial college dropout who left Iowa for San Francisco to find myself, and along the psychedelic way I became an educated nerd on somatic healing techniques, trauma resolution, and the use of ritual for transpersonal connection. I offer these skills and abilities in a non-localized way online, while currently enjoying small town life in my home state of Illinois. 

While I'm a work in progress, I'm a hypnosis instructor through the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists, and best known for my mentorship and training in personal growth and development using the modalities of hypnosis, NLP and sound healing. My approach, while animistic and spiritual, is deeply rooted in practical, the knowable, and the workable. It's rooted in the Earth! 

I'm big into the power of ritual to create space and structure for change. I practice rituals every day. Some of my current rituals revolve around writing, organizing my thoughts, and excavating feelings, examining beliefs, and defining what I want, evaluating whether what I'm doing is in alignment with what I think I want, and noticing what can be simplified or strenghthened in order to maximize impact for effort. 

Every Human Power is Accessible to Me

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