Mapworking Orientation

The next Mapworking chapter, the Wolf Pack, opens in June 2023. The orientation is general and works for all chapters of the Mapworking process

Hypno Tips

June 10, 2022
Finding the Ease

This morning I woke up with a stiff neck, in pain and unable to turn my head to one side. Ugh! So after taking some anti-inflammatories and applying a heat pack, I practiced this way of working with the problem: "Where can I find the ease in this?" I breathe into my neck, and I […]

June 8, 2022
The Future Series: Tomorrow

What can I do today that will make my life easier tomorrow? This is a fun game to play with yourself. It's kind of like reverse-procrastination. So to bring it to hypnosis, not just a thought experiment, get into a meditative state, or bring yourself into a light trance, and invite you-from-tomorrow to sit with […]

June 8, 2022
How to put yourself into trance

Trance is a natural phenomenon, and we go in and out of trance every day. The difference between natural trance and hypnotic trance is simple: with hypnotic trance, you're intending to do it. One way you can practice putting yourself into trance is to set a timer for 2 or 3 minutes, and then set […]

June 7, 2022
Introducing The Future Series

In the Future Series, we're going to dialog with our future self in a way that is going to enrich the past, present, and future.

May 30, 2022
No More Road Rage

Spend some time generating calm, peaceful thoughts. If you've been following along with my tip series, you could do the Happy Safe Place, or bilateral stimulation, or heart-centered breathing, or belly breathing. Whatever does it for you, to get into an awesome state of calm and relaxation. Spend enough time on it that you get […]

May 30, 2022
Counting To Sleep

This technique comes from an episode of The Mentalist. Next time you are lying in bed trying to go to sleep, just start counting your inhale/exhale. But only count to two. 1... 2... 1... 2...1...2.. It's so boring! It will bring you right down to zzzzz

May 29, 2022
Metaphors for Healing

The most powerful metaphors to use on yourself are always the ones that your own subconscious comes up with. So what are some metaphors of healing that speak to you? It could be something like planting seeds in the garden. Or watching the sun rise. Or putting a puzzle together. Or painting a beautiful picture. […]

May 29, 2022
The Ribbon of Love

This technique is credited to Nicole Jeffries. Think of a person you want to love. It could be someone you already love, or it could be someone you feel neutral toward. It could also be someone you don't like! Sharing loving kindness has many mental health benefits, and has been taught by many spiritual teachers, […]

May 29, 2022
First Response to Stress

As you start to experience stress, take a deep belly breath, hold it for a moment, and then as you exhale, tell yourself "relax, relax, relax". Do this for a minute or two, and feel better.

May 29, 2022
The Emotional Detox Method

This technique is credited to Michael Ellner. Take one hand, and designate it to gather resources. Think of something positive and send those good feelings into the first of that hand. Then take the thing that bothers you -- maybe it's a craving, or an impulse, or a trigger, and send it into the fist […]

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